Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Peace Initiative Between Lebanon and Israel
This blog is an initiative of bloggers to promote peace between Israel and Lebanon.
After signing a cease fire agreement, it is the best interest of both countries to declate the end of hostilities between the two countries.
Although both countries inflicted much damage on each other, death and destruction, now is the time to look ahead and plan a better future.

Matter of Interests
There is no real conflict between Israel and Lebanon. After Israel's withrawal from Lebanon in 2000 the UN declared that Israel officially withrew from all of Lebanon.
The tiny area known as the Shava Farms is considered either Lebanese of Syrian although it's currently held by Israel. It's fate will be easily settled within a peace agreement.

It seems that the main obsticle that might prevent peace between the two countries is the Hezbollah organization which acts with Iranina and Syrian interests in mind and participates in the lebanese government.
Lebanon managed to force Syrian soldiers out of its borders, and Hezbollah has lost a significant part of its abilities after the recent month. Headquarters, fighters and other assets, and is now relatively weak. This might be a good time to create a historical change.

Peace is Good for Lebanon
Prime minister Fouad Siniora can receive full credit for returning Shava farms and prisoners to Lebanon. (While Nasrallah brought nothing but destruction)
Joining countries like Egypt and Jordan and disengaging from Syria and Iran will help Lebanon in economical, cultural and political aspects.
Peace with Israel is the fastest way to restore tourism to Lebanon.

Peace is Good for Israel
Just like when signing the peace agreement with Jordan, Israel does not have any significant territorial disputes with Lebanon.
Peace agreement with Lebanon will further weaken Hezbollah and the threat it imposes on the north of Israel.
As part of a peace agreement, the Israeli kidnapped soldiers will be returned to their homes.
Peace is good for economy, tourism and well-being of the people.

What can we do?
If you think that this is a good time for peace between Israel and Lebanon, write about it or reply here. Don't forget to link to us.
If you are a blogger (either Israeli or Lebanese) and wish to participate in our efforts, please let us know.
If you have a suggestion on how to promote this idea, please let us know. Remember, the internet is a powerful force.

This is not a blog about hate!
We know. Many people and many children died lately, on both sides. War is horrible and bad bad people exist. Please spare us with such comments since we are trying to prevent future deaths.

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Blogger Costa Ain said...

שלום רב, אני מפיק וידאו לאינטרנט, מעוניין להיפגש אימכם לצורך צילום כתבת

10:45 AM  
Blogger Zucchini said...

I support you... From Lebanon with LOVE...

9:03 PM  
Blogger Noor said...

It is beautiful to see that people on both sides of the border want peace for their countries, as well as for the citizens of their "enemies" (for we are not enemies;we are all human).

I am half-Lebanese, and have many Jewish and Muslim friends (I am Unitarian Universalist, who believes in peace). I know we all pray for peace in the middle east.

Salaam. Shalom. Namaste.

12:27 AM  
Blogger bathmate said...

Thank you for your nice posting.
it is really helpful to us.
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9:20 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hello, what happened to this initiative ? I am very interested in writing, meeting, engaging people. I am from Lebanon and I don't live there, but I think peace is our solution as well. how can we make this happen ?

6:18 PM  

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