Thursday, August 17, 2006

Trying to give some "public relations" to this blog, I took the liberty of writing to a couple of Lebanese bloggers, and inviting them to this blog.

One of the responses I got to these invitations was that the person cannot relate to the contents of this blog.

When I asked that person why can't he relate to the contents, the response was that it is too much of an Israeli point of view, and does not take into account the other side and this would make peace which is unfair and one-sided.

It takes two to Tango, and it takes two to make peace.
Right now there are only two writers in this blog, and they are both Israelis, which means we need someone, someones, to help share this idea from the Lebanese perspective.

This blog speaks of peace between Israel and Lebanon, and as Eliram stated in the previous post, we are more than welcoming any blogger - Israeli, Lebanese, or any blogger in the world to come and share our thoughts of how such peace can be accomplished.

We may sometimes disagree. It's okay.
just as long as we agree that both nations have the right to live in peace side by side, without any acts of violence whatsoever, we have common grounds to work on.

So go ahead, comment the existing posts, or contacts us, and add your thoughts on posts of your own.

Peace has to start from somewhere.
Let that somewhere be here!

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Blogger Ayman said...

Hey... I am Lebanese, and from South Lebanon too where people who call for peace now look like hippies during WWII.... The Lebanese people don't want to harm no one, and if you look at their history, they have been here for 10,000 years and never even formed an army... we are not those who are fighting my friend, from our point of view we are only defending ourselves. I am sure that the Israelis think the same, but that's hard to justify if we compare the scale of damages in the two sides as well as its trail during the last century... I never thought of anyone as my enemy, but how can the Israelis ask the Lebanese for peace?

I never felt like we should have a problem with a Juish minority in the M.E. Lebanon is formed of 18 minorities without any majority... Are the Israelis willing to integrate in the East peacefully? or do they want a chunk of it for themselves?... i am afraid that the latter choice will never be acceptable, but i also refuse to accept that the Juish culture disolves. We did not murder them, and we did not commit massacres, but the Israeli did... How can all of that be reconciliated?


2:51 AM  
Blogger Ayman said...

Hezbollah is recent, before him there was a lot of resistance movements in Lebanon. We don't like to be occupied and whenever we are, we need to resist the occupation... The last operation of Hezbollah is similar to the operations Israel does in the Palestinian territories and in Lebanon to Kidnap people, the lastest is the palestinian parliament speaker... How can you make peace with a people what you don't respect their national pride and institutions... Does Israel respect her neighbors?... I don't think that we as Lebanese should have a problem with you guy at all, but that requires you to give back the lands that is internationally recognized as ours, in the case of Lebanon, Syria (The Golan), and Palestine...

Peace can only be based on justice FOR ALL. You guys complain about security a lot, I would like to see one of you living the life of a Palestinian, even for just one day... I don't want to seem offensive, but i am suggesting to see things in a broader perspective... You have to understand that we are a very proud people, and neither technology nor whatever intimidate us, but we are also open to others and love communicating with other culture... But that's impossible in the case of Israel unless Israel at least implements the UN decisions you know... and let the refugees return, and give back the land for its owners... and after that, if someone thinks in harming Israel, I would join in defending it, but without justice, peace is impossible...


2:40 AM  
Blogger Ayman said...

by the way, we also suffer when civilians get hurt in Israel, they are people after all like us... but man, i have lost 23 people of my family and friends during my life... killed by Israeli fire, and all civilians... in my town i cannot call my situation a tragedy because many others have a much havier body count in their lives...

i am 100% sure that if you guys know what your army did to us since 30 years up till know, then you can understand how groups like the Hezbollah became so popular...

2:46 AM  
Blogger Eliram said...

Dear Ayman,
I know people from South Lebanon are good people. I've actually met with a few (In Israel) and talked to them. You raised many points in your responses, and I'll try to answer some of them:

Israel has a minority of 1,500,000 arab citizens living, working and voting in Israel. We live in peace with Egypt, Jordan and we'll be happy to live in peace with Lebanon and Syria too. Lebanon is easier since we have no land conflict with Lebanon. (The conflict is between Lebanon and Syria).
Lebanon should not be under occupation, but should also not attack Israel.
Egypt has helped a lot to the palestiniens in negotiations with Israel BECAUSE they had peace with Israel. Hezbollah brought nothing but destruction and violence.

We try to end the hostilities everywhere. You can't wait until there is nothing wrong in the world. You need to do something for peace now, and deal with other issues from a stronger position.

Do you have a blog? I would be happy to let you write posts here on how YOU think peace between Israel and Lebanon can be achieved.

Salam Aleykum.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Eliram said...

Dear Yozef,
First of all, you, as Ayman, are most welcome to write here if you wish so. I've visited your site and I can let you write here if you'd like.
Second, according to the IDF 530 Hezbollah militants were killed in the past month, Not 58. Hezb' is not publishing any names or numbers of their men who died in battle as Israel does, and I don't know if the 530 are included in the total casualty count or not.

There is a huge difference between a country having different resources (including special forces) and an independent militia operating on it's own terms.

And although Hezbollah did not operate DIRECTLY against lebanon, their latest actions initiated all the death and damage you sadly experienced.

3:52 PM  

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