Thursday, August 17, 2006

Write Your Own Posts in this Blog
We welcome a range of opinions and view within the scope of this blog, and we welcome other bloggers who wish to write here.
If you are a blogger and if you wish to be a part of this blog, simply let us know.

Why should I join?
We believe that writing about positive possibilities helps them materialize.
By describing how to get to a better future, and by specifying our wish that such a future is better for everyone, we can create a public opinion that will help prevent the next war.

Our goal is to raise public opinion and help people consider this option.

Some ground rules

  • This blog is based on the idea that peace between Israel and Lebanon is the preferred future for both countries.
    If you think otherwise (i.e. if you think Israel or Lebanon should be destroyed or if you think people of other countries/religion are lesser than you), then this is NOT the blog for you.
  • You must be a blogger. Please send us a link to your blog. Authorization will be granted for the email address that appears in your blog ONLY (to prevent impersonations). A link to your blog will be added if you so wish.
  • No foul language allowed. We are looking for discussions, not fights. Any inappropriate post/response will be deleted and blocked. This is especially true for the term nazis. If you can't tell the difference between nazis and enemies, please spare us.
  • Please try not to debate on versions of history, ancient or recent. We try to focus on the future, not the past.
  • We are aware that there are many reasons why peace can not happen in the near future. Nothing is certain, and we are trying to change or overcome those reasons.
Within these limits who are necessary to create a healthy discussion, all range of opinions are welcomed and debatable.

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Blogger j leb said...

hi, my name is john,im 23 lebanese greek, recent blogger. First of all, i appreciate your gesture to try and promote peace in this region and between our two countries, my blog is also one dedicated to peace in the area. However, being one who has been evacuated along with his company and who has not seen his family and friends for over a month and a half, and returning soon to a country whose entire economy has been destroyed, i cannot but feel anger at the moment and i hope you understand this feeling shared by many Lebanese who fel that their contry has been set years back.For over a decade, we have ben trying to rebuild our country, restoring it to its previous beauty and putting back on the world map of culture and tourism. and with the cruel war machine that Israel has used against us, we feel that all our fforts have been flushed down the toilet. A lot of my people, even young, are so frustrated and fel their country is not meant to prosper and become the economically-thrirving democracy they aspire it to be. We feel the Israeli people blindly supported the suffering of the entire Lebanese population even though many in Lebanon staunchly oppose Hizbollah and their ideology.I dont know if many Israelis know that, but Lebanon and the Lebanese people are very well-educated and liberal and they dont deserve all these losses. For every Israeli life, tens of lebanese died, including a lot of women and hildren. Millions of cluster bombs have been used, and thousands remain unexplosed, awaiting still more victims for the period to come.So as you can see, the war against Hezbollah has affected us all and that is what angered us. We only wish Israel would stop giving Hezbollah and others like them reasons to keep fighting. The only way to get out of this cycle of violence is to stop giving people reasons to treat you as occupiers, the behavior of your government is only creating more enmies for you. if u read my blog, you'll probably understand my views better.
For the moment, many in Lebanon are angry and psychologically down. Maybe, with time, our wounds will heal, after all, as mentioned in my blog, Beirut is a city that has always forgiven those who harmed her.
Wish you all the best in your attempts,please keep encouraging peace, and show your desire for peace by choosing a less extreme government, and hope that people like you from both sides continue to communicate...Shalom from Lebanon, your Northern neighbor...

1:18 AM  
Blogger Raanan Geberer said...

Back in 1948, my father, at that time an American volunteer with the Haganah, found himself in a Lebanese prison in Baalbek, and was able to leave only after the U.S. government intervened. Hopefully, before I die, I will be able to visit Lebanon.

Raanan G
New York City

12:27 AM  
Blogger Yulia Parnos said...

First of all, I think the image should change.
The triangle pointing towards the Earth, should be replaced by the triangle pointing towards the sky, God, there is only one way for peace, it is through God to begin with.
I am more than willing to create a new image-Logo for the Blog.

12:37 PM  

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